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Manufacturers of R.F.Probes for the Sugar Industry

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The Company

Digitrans Industrial Controls is a company formed by Dave Radford and Vaughn Stone to develop a new concept in RF probes for the sugar industry. Our main product based on this concept uses only digital measurements to derive the brix value of a solution. The company was founded in 1995 in Durban, South Africa.The Digitrans Digital RF Probe has been applied extensively in South African sugar factories and also in the Far East, Europe, North and South America and other African countries.

The Engineers

What is an RF probe?

An RF Probe is an instrument which measures the concentration of sugar solutions by means of radio frequency impedance measurements. It responds to the quantity of water present and in some cases can be used to measure the concentration of sugar and ionic salts (Ash) simultaneously.

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Digital Probe

The Digitrans Digital RF Probe measures the brix of a solution by measureing the frequency change of an oscillator when its tuned circuit is loaded by the impedance presented by the electrodes immersed in the solution. The probe can be calibrated in situ for maximum accuracy or precalibrated for rapid installation

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Analog Probe

The Digitrans Analog RF Probe is a simplified version of the digital probe. It works on the same principle of measuring frequency shift but this is presented as a 4-20mA signal. The probe also draws power from the 4-20mA loop and so requires only two wires for connection. It is therefore sometimes referred to as the "Two wire probe"

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Other products

The Digitrans Pan Controller Is a stand alone batch pan controller based on a PLC. It has a selection of pre programmed boiling profiles available and is equipped to connect to all the sensors and controls required for a pan. A Digitrans RF Probe is used to measure brix. A chart recorder is also incorporated to record pan profiles.

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