In-situ system 
for continuous analysis
And oxygen control
In-situ analyser
for continuous
monoxide (CO) measurement

Combustion and emission control, why?

In 1997 with the Kyoto's Conference and its regulation, Governments decided to pay more attention to the CO2 flue gases reduction.
The European target for CO2 reduction is 8% compared to 1990 values.
Companies are the leaders of this new conscience of environmental effects, managing, energise and financial saving.
Four guide lines have been defined: energetic renewable resources , diffusion of implementations to improving the final energy uses, electrical energy production, and urban road traffic reduction.
First of all, we have to improve the plants efficiency by means the continuous control of the flue gases' oxygen content.

This type of control enables:

  • combustion efficiency optimisation by means the control of the air/fuel ratio (energy saving);
  • check of correct plant working under different operating conditions, simple identification of possible anomalies and then relevant corrections (safety);
  • reduction of Nitrogen oxide pollution (to reduce environment impact).

Remember, a correct combustion means: economy, safety, cleaning.

Clean Combustion = Energy and money saving

At the present each moderate investment on this way enables a considerable energy saving with the consequent money surplus which means a quick pay-back of the investment and more.