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process measurement & control instrumentation for all industries
PSM are Manufacturers of an extensive range of  Pressure, Hydrostatic, radar and ultrasonic level sensors &  transmitters, density and flow Monitoring, measurement and control systems for all industries 


SOLAS 1994 Amendment II-2/15.2.12
Fuel Oil Lines & Spillage or any other bilge alarm requirement
High Performance Dual Mode intelligent ceramic Liquid Level Transmitter
Intelligent Ceramic level/pressure Transmitters
High accuracy Radar level sensor
Intelligent Radar level Transmitters


Would you like to discuss your application with someone experienced who knows the answers?

Established in our field we manufacture in 4 and have representation in 38 countries. We pride ourselves in having specialised knowledge in process measurement & control instrumentation for Marine - Chemical - Water & Food & Beverage industries.  

Our products carry type approval from all main Marine societies and I.S. certification for use in hazardous areas.

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With an 'in house' design team and a wealth of knowledge PSM has the answer. We aim to provide you our customers with the best and most reliable product of its kind on the market, purpose built to application, at the best possible prices to keep you coming back for more. To help us achieve this, we are constantly expanding our designs & improving our production techniques in an attempt to keep manufacturing costs to a minimum whilst maintaining the quality our customers have come to expect from us.

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PSM is a British company. It has been engaged in the design and manufacture of process measurement & control instrumentation for almost 30 years. We specialise in pressure and liquid level transmitters and all the associated monitoring and control solutions designed to suit the applications of many diverse industries, from food processing to marine and shipbuilding.

Typical applications include Tank contents gauges for most liquids and chemicals held in storage or processing tanks. Our level and pressure sensors have a unique and rugged construction whilst maintaining excellent performance and cost competitiveness. Systems are offered from single point display and switching to "Windows" based information gathering stations.

Would you like to be able to talk to that same person again and again if you need them?

We have technical representation and distribution in more than 40 countries but we aim to provide the personal touch. 

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Bulksafe Water Ingress Alarm For Bulk Carrier safetyWater Ingress Alarm  
For Bulk Carrier safety
IMO - Solas Chapter XII/12 Amendment
Series 500 Level /Pressure transmitters
Marine level transmitters 260 series Tankstar
Industrial liquid level transmitters series 360 Optima
Bronze Bottle Switch - ABS Approved for use in the Marine industry
Bottle Switches
Bilge / Float / level switches
Density Transmitters
Minder series monitoring & control instrumentation


Tankview for windows monitoring and control software
Tankwatch Series 600 self powered tank contents gauge


Torflow Averaging Pitot Flow Sensor
Ultrasonic level transmitters for liquid

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